Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose (ACE) to assist you in writing your college/personal statement/scholarship essay?

The hardest part of writing any college entrance/personal statement/scholarship essay that represents you as a person and your writing abilities is getting started. After you send me your writing prompt for your essay, we will discuss in our initial consultation your interests and thoughts on the topic. I will help you narrow your ideas down to write on one single event or idea.

How long will it take me to go through the ACE process?

Much of that answer depends on you. I will be ready to set up a time to chat within 48 hrs. of receiving your request to do our first consultation. After the initial consultation and you write your essay and send it back to me, I will make corrections and suggestions and be ready to "meet" with you again to discuss those changes and give you some additional writing tips during our second consultation. The whole process should take less than a week as long as you have time to write your essay and work with me.

Why is your fee so "cheap" or less expensive than other services?

After teaching for so many years and helping all levels of students find success in writing essays, it is an enjoyable task for me and can be completed efficiently. In addition, most students have multiple personal statement or scholarship essays that they will need to write; therefore, I want to make it affordable for students and parents to get help on more than one essay.

Once I pay on your website, what do I do next?

Email me at with your name, contact phone number or email with your essay prompt and I will get back to you within 48 hours to set up a scheduled first consultation so you can get going on writing your essay.

What is the best way to communicate?

Initially, the best way is to email me at, but your consultations will be your choice of communication. Students tend to enjoy and find it beneficial to speak on Skype or FaceTime but a phone call works as well.

Should I start on my essay before our first consultation?

I suggest you wait to start until we discuss your writing prompt and your personal interests to narrow down and hone in on some clear, descriptive ideas; however, if you want to start early you may.

Can we talk about multiple essays I am hiring you to help me on in one consultation?

Definitely. We will just spend more time chatting to cover each essay extensively so you are comfortable with your writing prompt/essay.

More Questions?

Just email me and I will be glad to get back to you ASAP