Student and Parent Testimonials

Writing and editing college and scholarship essays was the most difficult and time consuming thing I have ever had to do as a student. The pressure and expectations of these essays was nearly overwhelming. The help of Mrs. Angeli, however, made this process significantly easier and much smoother. Mrs. Angeli assisted me in editing six college application essays as well as two scholarship application essays. We connected primarily through email and phone calls, but we also used Skype on occasion. With my first essay attempt, Mrs. Angeli walked me through the proper technique and expectation of application essays. After I had established these principles into my writing, she would correct grammar, address word choice and give suggestions about how to add my own personal touch. Mrs. Angeli was always very encouraging, energetic and positive about my writing. She truly wanted me to do my best. Thanks to Mrs. Angeli I became incredibly confident in my application essays and have now been accepted to four undergraduate colleges.

- Samantha
Big Rapids, MI

As the parent of a senior in high school, the task of helping our daughter apply for colleges and scholarships is both intimidating and time consuming. Having Mrs. Angeli help my daughter edit, revise and rewrite her essays proved invaluable. Mrs. Angeli was efficient and prompt. The turnaround time for every essay was less than 24 hours. Her feedback was always constructive and positive. With her extensive experience as a high school English teacher, Mrs. Angeli knows what colleges are looking for and she knows how to help students write. She was able to advise my daughter on how to focus her essays, how to improve the organization of her thoughts and to use the most appropriate vocabulary. We live in the lower peninsula of Michigan, 7 hours away from Mrs. Angeli. The two of them were able to communicate via email, phone and Skype. It's like the distance doesn't even exist. My daughter has been accepted to every university she has applied for, including the University of Michigan and I know that Mrs. Angeli's help with the essays were a big part of my daughter's success.

- Mrs. W.
Big Rapids, MI

During the fall of 2011, I began the process of applying to five graduate school programs in Speech-Language Pathology including: Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Karen Angeli provided such a significant support to me during the process of writing both my academic and personal statements. After I had written rough draft statements, I e-mailed them to Karen and she provided me with prompt and constructive feedback throughout each essay via e-mail. Once I had reviewed each of her recommendations, she even assisted me one step further by contacting me via telephone to discuss the recommendations she had made and possible ways to enhance each essay. Fortunately, I was accepted into each of the five programs in which I had applied . There is no doubt in my mind that the strength of my personal and academic statements played a key role in my acceptances to each graduate program.

- Catherine
Lansing, MI

Out of all of the teachers in my high school, only one has prepared me the most for my college years: Mrs. Angeli. Before I took her College Prep class, my sentences were very basic (five or more words and a period) and it took me hours to write a simple two page essay. The first class assignment was to write our college entrance essays, which made me feel unprepared and nervous; however, Mrs. Angeli taught us the use of sentence variety and how to apply proper punctuation to our essays. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to create more complex sentences and whip up an essay within an hour or so. Using these techniques, I was able to write out an amazing college entrance essay that helped me get accepted to Michigan State University. I personally want to say thank you Mrs. Angeli for the way you have taught me to be a more mature and college-ready writer.

- Eddie
Marquette, MI

We first approached Karen Angeli when our daughter was a high school senior applying to a Big 10 University. Our daughter had already written a few drafts of her essay. Her ideas were strong, but the writing seemed to need improvement. Karen immediately connected with our daughter. They bonded and began working very well together. She made great constructive suggestions that enabled our daughter to complete an outstanding essay that we are convinced helped her get accepted to the university of her choice. Karen's personal touch, the Skype sessions and her friendly manner were especially helpful. We would highly recommend Karen to all students seeking to improve their essays and make them more effective.

- Parents of a student
Chicago, IL

Karen Angeli was such a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable. Karen helped me edit my writing while maintaining the ideas that I wanted. She is very professional and personable. My essay was greatly improved because I worked with Karen. I really enjoyed my experience with her.

- Student
Chicago, IL